Session-based CLI adapter

The Session-based Command Line Interface (CLI) adapter invokes commands that create a sub-shell. The sub-shell provides prompts where you enter commands. The adapter captures the output of the commands that write to the output stream of the process. To use these commands, you must create a request that specifies a prompt and then execute a command that informs the process to read the input/output (I/O) stream until an expected string appears.

The Session-based CLI adapter supports persistent connectivity which means that you can connect multiple requests within a process. The connection lasts until the process ends or the session is disconnected, using the <terminate-on-exit> tag. This functionality is implemented by using the <connection> tag. If the <connection> tag is absent, open a new connection for each subsequent request. For more information, see Persistent connectivity.


Starting with the 20.12.02 release, the Session-based CLI adapter can also execute a request when the adapter is enabled on a peer that is compliant with the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).

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