PowerShell adapter

The PowerShell base adapter is used to execute PowerShell commands on remote host computers running Microsoft Windows PowerShell. The Microsoft Windows PowerShell base adapter consists of an actor adapter only.

This adapter must be enabled on a Windows-based system.

The PowerShell adapter does not utilize the xCmd utility if the target computer is the local host computer. The adapter does not use the xCmd utility in the following cases:

  • When you specify an empty configuration and you do not specify a dynamic target in the adapter request
  • When you do not specify a host in the <target> block of the adapter configuration or the <host> tag in the dynamic target request

If you specify or the host name of the local computer, the adapter still uses the xCmd utility for executing PowerShell commands.


A monitor adapter is not available for Microsoft Windows PowerShell.

The actor adapter for Microsoft Windows PowerShell provides operations that use the PowerShell command-line interface to execute commands. The actor adapter for Microsoft Windows PowerShell supports the following command attributes:

The actor adapter for Microsoft Windows PowerShell does not support the following command attributes:

  • command-dir
  • is-special-character
  • Proxy commands
  • Verification of OS
Before executing a script file or a console file for working-dir, prepend ./ before the script file name.

Example:samplescript.ps1 must be executed as ./samplescript.ps1. 

The value for working-dir must not end with a backslash, however two backslashes are permitted.

Example:work-dir="c:\tempdir " or work-dir="c:\tempdir\\"
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