Monitor adapter events

Monitor adapters generate events for specific occurrences of detected actions in external systems. The criteria for event generation are defined in the adapter's configuration node in Grid Manager. Monitor adapters generate events when they are enabled on an active peer and an external incident occurs that warrants an event notification.

The following figure shows a sample event for a monitor adapter.

XML sample of a monitor adapter event

  <event>event text</event>
  <data>event XML data</data>

Each adapter event contains XML elements as indicated in the following table.

Monitor adapter event elements

Request elements


<source adapter>

Specifies the adapter name as configured in Grid Manager


Specifies the text that summarizes an event, a description of the event


Contains the adapter specific response

The contents of this element vary depending on the adapter


To use the data from a monitor adapter event in the triggered process, a Job Input Parameter, inputevent must be created on the Start activity of the process. The <data> element from the monitor adapter event populates this input. For more information, see Creating rules in the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform online documentation.

Rules are created in BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio, within the rules designer for a module, to evaluate these events. For monitor adapter events that meet the module's rule criteria, a process is triggered. 

For detailed instructions for creating rules for a module, see Overview of creating the workflows

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