Module for the Microsoft Active Directory adapter

Each application adapter-supported operations have a corresponding process in the adapter module. Top-level processes perform high-level functions and call specialized processes in sub-directories. Each sub-directory contains process directories that correspond to the supported operation types.

Top-level processes

The top-level process for the Active Directory adapter perform high-level functions and call specialized processes in the v2003 folders of the Active_Directory and Active_Directory_Application_Mode directories. 

The top-level processes execute the following Microsoft Exchange processes:

  • Create Items
  • Update Items
  • Find Items
  • Delete Items
  • Perform Operations 

For more information, see Top-level processes for the Microsoft Active Directory adapter.

Setup Validation directory

The processes in the Setup_Validation directory facilitate the testing of communication and connectivity to the Microsoft Active Directory and ensure that the installation and configuration of the application adapter is correct. 

The Setup_Validation 
Active_Directory directory contains the following subdirectories:

  • Computer_Account_Management
  • Group_Management
  • Password_Management
  • User_Account_Management

The Setup_Validation Active_Directory_Application_Mode directory contains the following subdirectories:

  • Contact
  • Container
  • Group
  • Organizational_Unit
  • User
  • inetOrgPerson


The Utilities directory contains the following helper processes:

  • Create Adapter Request
  • Invoke Active Directory Adapter
  • Item Type Error Reporting
  • Set Default Adapter Name
  • Version Error Reporting

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