Installation process overview

This topic provides the overview installation process for installing BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content.

Before you begin installing content, ensure that you have installed BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform. For more information, see Installing BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform 7.8.

You use the content installation program to install or upgrade base adapters, application adapters, modules, and solution run books. The content GUI and silent installations enable you to choose one of the following installation options:

  • BSM Solutions, which selects and installs the content required for your solution, or run book
  • Custom feature set, which enables you to select the base adapters, application adapters, and modules to install

The installation option that you select is determined by the terms of your license.

BSM Solutions installation path

When installing BMC Atrium Orchestrator content for use with a solution, choose the BSM Solutions installation path, which preselects the content required for your solution and then installs all of the dependent adapters and modules. The installation program also verifies that you have installed the prerequisite versions of Access Manager, the repository, and other BMC products.

When running the content installation program:

  • A preselected and dimmed content option (such as an adapter or a module) indicates that the installation program located an existing version of the content required for the solution on your system. When you select BSM Solutions, you cannot clear this selection. 
  • A preselected option that is not dimmed indicates that the installation program located an existing version of the adapter or module on your system that is not required for the solution. Because it is not required, you can choose to not install that content by clearing the check box.
  • The installation program validates the BMC Remedy AR System user information in the People form to ensure that the specified user has the required administrative privileges to import the artifacts to the BMC Remedy AR System application.

For more information about installing content for BMC solutions, see the corresponding solution documentation. For example, for installing the BMC Discovery Syncronization run book, see BMC Atrium Orchestrator Run Book for Discovery Synchronization.

Custom feature set installation path

The Custom feature set option provides a path for you to install any content. If you choose the Custom feature set option, the installation program does not preselect any content options or configure artifacts for a BSM solution.


Unless you are installing a solution, always select this option.

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