Configuring BMC MyIT

You can integrate BMC Service Desk Automation run book with BMC MyIT to automate fulfilling the MyIT tickets.

The integration between BMC MyIT and BMC Atrium Orchestrator is through BMC Service Request Management and BMC Remedy ITSM. The Service Request Definitions (SRDs) created in BMC Service Request Management can be reused to create SRDs specific to BMC MyIT.

This topic describes the key configurations required for using the BMC Service Desk Automation run book with BMC MyIT. 

To configure BMC MyIT

You must use BMC Service Request Management to process requests and incidents submitted by BMC MyIT users. You must create a series of service request definitions (SRDs) specifically for use with BMC MyIT. You configure SRDs in the BMC Service Request Management Console. For more information about creating SRDs, see Walkthrough: Creating a service request definition

After you create an SRD for BMC MyIT, you must enable the request for BMC MyIT. SRDs specifically for use with BMC MyIT can contain any number of fields, and each field may be set with a default value. However, the Superbox simplifies request entry. From the Superbox, when BMC MyIT triggers a SRD, BMC MyIT can populate only one required field. For the Default  Request SRD and the Default Incident SRD, only one of the fields in the SRD can be set as a required field. BMC recommends you set the Description field as the required field. 

To set up the default service request in BMC MyIT

  1. On the Service Requests tab of the BMC MyIT Administration Console, select Default Service Request.
  2. In the SRD Categories box, select a category and then select a request in that category's Available Requests list (or use the Search box to search for the request).
  3. From the menu, select one of the default service request types.
    The service request is set as the default for the selected request type and replaces any previous service request set as the default. 
  4. Click Save.
    For more information, see Creating service request definitions for BMC MyIT.

To manually select Quick Pick list requests

You can also add the service request to the Quick Pick list. The Quick Pick list is the list of services that are available to BMC MyIT users and that is displayed as default selections from the client application (the mobile device application). BMC MyIT administrators can choose which services are shown by default based on most-requested services and other criteria. 

By browsing or searching available request types and adding them to the Quick Pick List pane, you can build the Quick Pick list with as many selections as needed and arrange the order in which the requests are displayed.

  1. On the Service Requests tab, depending on the list that you want to define, select either Quick Pick List > For Other Requests or Quick Pick List > For  Problem Requests.
  2. Select Use Selected Requests.
  3. Select the request category from the Categories with SRDs list to display the requests in that category (or use theSearch box to search for specific categories or SRDs).
    If a service request is dimmed, it is already in the Quick Pick list.  
  4. Select one or more requests and click Add to Quick Pick List.
    The selected requests appear at the bottom of the Quick Pick List box.
  5. Repeat for additional requests to build the Quick Pick list.
  6. As needed, rearrange the order of requests in the Quick Pick list by selecting requests and clicking Move Up orMove Down.
  7. Click Save.

Where to go from here

After you make the services available in BMC MyIT, you can now request the service from the BMC MyIT Unified Catalog. 

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