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VMware Infrastructure adapter

The application adapter enables BMC Atrium Orchestrator workflow processes to perform specialized functions and to interact with VMware Infrastructure by providing an interface between the workflow processes and VMware Infrastructure API.

BMC Atrium Orchestrator application adapter for VMware Infrastructure consists of an actor, an event monitor and an SNMP monitor adapter and workflow processes.

Actor adapter

The actor adapter executes operations on VMware Infrastructure by using the VMware SDK API. To execute the operations, the adapter invokes Web Service calls on the VMware SDK API. The actor adapter can perform the following categories of operations:

  • Basic VM operations
  • Basic VApp operations
  • Advanced VM operations
  • Configure VM operations
  • Monitor VM operations
  • Host operations
  • Cluster operations
  • Datacenter operations
  • Datastore operations
  • Discovery operations
  • Folder operations
  • Resource Pool operations
  • Configure VApp operations

Monitor adapter

The event monitor adapter uses the VMware SDK API to listen for events, including Vmotion events, that are generated on VMware Infrastructure. The SNMP monitor adapter listens to the SNMP traps sent by VMware Virtual Center.


VMware Virtual Center must be configured to send SNMP traps to the BMC Atrium Orchestrator peer on which the adapter is enabled.

An event is evaluated by rules and can trigger specific workflow processes when the rule criteria are met.

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