User scenario for the BMC Mainview AutoOperator adapter

This topic describes an end-to-end use case, which uses the BMC Mainview AutoOperator adapter.


The BMC Mainview AutoOperator adapter integrates with the BMC MainView AutoOPERATOR (MVAO) for z/OS application. The adapter receives an event from BMC MainView AutoOPERATOR for z/OS application and performs an action based on the event. After the actions are performed, the adapter sends an event to the BMC MainView AutoOPERATOR application.


The following steps describe the common scenario where the BMC Mainview AutoOperator adapter integrates with the MVAO application to conduct remediation activities based on the events received from the MVAO aaplication. 

  1. A job running on the mainframe abnormally ends. The job is to keep the MQ server up and running. 
  2. The MQ server goes down due to which, the job ends abnormally.
  3. An event is generated and captured by MVAO indicating that there is some problem with the specified MQ server. A rule created in mainframe triggers an event that is sent to the BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management monitor adapter.
  4. The BPPM monitor adapter receives the event and triggers a workflow to restart the MQ server. The MQ server is restarted
  5. The Mainview AutoOperator adapter sends an event back to MVAO confirming that the MQ server was down and is now running.
  6. Based on the received event, a rule is triggered in MVAO, which resubmits the original job that failed and completes it successfully.
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