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User scenario for offboarding an employee by using BMC MyIT

This topic describes how the out-of-the-box Onboard Employee service available for BMC MyIT Service Broker works when using BMC Atrium Orchestrator as a service fulfillment engine.

Before you run the offboard employee service

Before an end user can view the service in BMC MyIT, the following tasks must be complete:


When the out-of-the-box offboard employee service is requested in BMC MyIT, the employee's mailbox is disabled from Microsoft Exchange and the account is disabled in Microsoft Active Directory.   

User scenario for offboarding an employee in BMC MyIT

  1.  When an employee leaves an organization, either the Human Resources personnel or the manager submits a request in BMC MyIT for offboarding the employee. 

    The following details are provided as part of the request:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • User ID (Required)
    • Email ID
    • Manager's Email Address

      The following figure shows the offboard employee request in BMC MyIT. 

  2. After the request is submitted in BMC MyIT, a workflow associated with the offboard employee service in BMC MyIT Service Broker is triggered.  

  3. The Invoke BAO Service activity from the MyIT Service Broker workflow invokes the internal workflow attached to the service in BMC MyIT Service Broker invokes the BMC Atrium Orchestrator process to communicate with the fulfillment application, in this case, with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Active Directory to disable the user's email account and user account.

  4. In  BMC MyIT, the status of the request is updated and the request is marked as closed.

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