Troubleshooting the BMC Server Automation adapter

This topic provides information for troubleshooting the BMC Atrium Orchestrator application adapter for BMC Server Automation.

Configuration errors


Acquire TGT from CacheCredentials are no longer validPrincipal is nullnull credentials from Ticket Cache Krb5LoginModule authentication failed Unable to obtain Princpal Name for authentication Cannot obtain user credential: GSSException: no valid credentials provided (Mechanism level: Attempt to obtain new INITIATE credentials failed! (null))

Explanation: You receive the preceding message under the following conditions:

  • If you did not configure the blclient_login.conf file for BMC BladeLogic SSO.
  • The Microsoft Active Directory user you attempted to authenticate is not present in the BMC Server Automation Console.


            <command>blcred cred -acquire -profile defaultProfile
-username ######  -password #######</command>
            <line index="1">No authentication profile by the name of

Explanation: If you have logged into the BMC Server Automation SSO Console at least once, the authenticationProfiles.xml file is created by default and you can use the same profile name to configure the adapter. If you have not logged into the BMC Server Automation SSO Console and are using the adapter directly, the preceding message is displayed.

User response: Create an authentication profile by creating the authenticationProfiles.xml file manually in the BMC Server Automation application. For example, you could create the authenticationProfiles.xml file at installationDirectory\BladeLogic\8.0\NSH\br.

Sample authenticationProfiles.xml file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

In the preceding example,

  • Name: Specifies the service profile name
  • ServiceURL: Specifies the IP Address and the port for the BMC Server Automation application server. In this case, the IP address is and the port is 9840.
  • Authentication Type: Specifies the authentication mechanism used for the the BMC Server Automation application


The file path specified in the configuration overrides the default authenticalProfiles.xml file.

Executing an operation in an Oracle Solaris environment creates a core dump file

Explanation: If you get a core dump or a segmentation error while executing any operation with BMC Server Automation version 7.5 or later in an Oracle Solaris environment, you must ensure that BMC Atrium Orchestrator uses the same Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that is used by BLCLI.

User response: To enable BMC Atrium Orchestrator to use the same JVM as BLCLI:

  1. Navigate to the AO_HOME/bin/ file on the peer where the adapter is enabled.
  2. Edit the file to specify the BLJVM_PATH, below the line specifying the JAVA_HOME variable:
    export BLJVM_PATH

In this example, BLCLI uses Java located at /usr/jdk/jdk1.5.0_10.

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