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Products involved

The following topics describe the BMC Software products that integrate with BMC Atrium Orchestrator Run Book for Discovery Synchronization.

The following table describes each product area's function and identifies the role responsible for the product configuration.

Discovery Synchronization run book product components

Product name


Role responsible for configuration

BMC Atrium Orchestrator Run Book for Discovery Synchronization and BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform

Provides the adapter that monitors VMware events and triggers BMC Atrium Orchestrator discovery synchronization workflows These workflows call the discovery synchronization method using HTTP post. They create latent change records in BMC Remedy ITSM. The BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform provides the tools for managing the BMC Atrium Orchestrator discovery synchronization workflows as follows:

  • Use BMC Atrium Orchestrator Grid Manager to deploy and configure the discovery synchronization run book.
  • Use BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio to manage the workflows.

Grid Manager admin

BMC Atrium Orchestrator Application Adapter for BMC Remedy Action Request System

The actor adapter module creates latent changes in BMC Remedy ITSM to record information of both types of events: VM migrated event, and DRS migrated event.

Grid Manager admin

BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM)

Facilitates near real-time updates of the virtual environment The discovery synchronization workflow rescans and updates the physical to virtual system relationships when a manual VMotion migration of a VM from one ESX host to another ESX host occurs. When the event VmMigratedEvent reaches ADDM through BMC Atrium Orchestrator, ADDM triggers the rescan. The continuous CMDB synchronization imports the changed or removed VMware virtual system relationships to the BMC Atrium Discovery Import dataset.

Discovery Manager


Through continuous reconciliation, the BMC Topology Import--Identification, Merge, and Purge job executes at a specified interval to reconcile the discovered data with the BMC Asset dataset. Following reconciliation, the refreshed virtual system configuration data is available to the consuming applications such as BMC Remedy Change Management and BMC Service Model Editor. For more information, see the BMC Atrium CMDB Normalization and Reconciliation Guide.

Configuration Manager

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