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Pre-requisites for the Exchange 2003 adapter

You can enable the Microsoft Exchange 2003 adapter only on BMC Atrium Orchestrator peers running the Microsoft Windows operating system. Also, you must adjust the permission levels for the BMC Atrium Orchestrator service on that peer to allow the adapter to communicate properly.

On the peer where the Microsoft Exchange 2003 adapter is enabled, perform the following procedure for the proper functioning of the Microsoft Exchange 2003 adapter.

To set permissions on the peer for the Microsoft Exchange 2003 application adapter

  1. On the Microsoft Exchange enabled peer, navigate to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.
  2. On the Services page, right-click the Atrium Orchestrator AP or Atrium Orchestrator LAP service, and select Properties.
  3. Click the Log On tab and then click the This account option.
  4. Enter user name and password for the service.
    This user must be able to communicate externally using a communication interface.
  5. Click Apply, and then click OK.
  6. Restart the Atrium Orchestrator AP or Atrium Orchestrator LAP service.


    Grant the following permissions to the Microsoft Exchange 2003 server:

    • Enable Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and start the service.
    • Allow execution of VBScript & CScript.
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