Post Data operation for the Airwatch adapter

The Post Data operation sends data to a specified URL. 

The following table describes the input elements for the Post Data operation.

Adapter request elements for the Post Data operation


Specifies the name of the adapter to use for this process

Default value: AirWatchAdapter


Specifies the URL defining the location of the content to be obtained

Default value: none


Specifies the information to be posted

This information can be simple text or it can use an XML document to specify parent and child or key and value tags. 

For example, Simple Text: Sample data that will be posted. 

XML Format: Parent- Child Format:
<child>child value</child>

Key-Value Format:


Specifies the format for the adapter response

Valid values: html, xml (default), xhtml

<certificate-name>Specifies the fully qualified path where the certificate file is placedNo
<certificate-password>Specifies the password that corresponds to the <certificate-file> elementNo
<tenant-code>Specifies the tenant code that needs to be added to the header of the HTTP requestNo

Specifies whether data is used for generating the signed authorization header to be included in the request

Valid values: true (default), false


Specifies whether to install certificates automatically

Valid values: true, false (default)


Specify whether to allow unsigned certificates from trusted zones

Valid values: true, false (default)


Specifies the Java Standard Trust Keystore passphrase 

Default value: changeit


The following figure illustrates a sample adapter request for the Post Data operation:

Sample adapter request for the Post Data operation

      <LocationGroup xmlns="">

The following figure illustrates the adapter response for the sample request:

Sample adapter response for the Post Data operation

    <X-MDM-Powered-By>AirWatch @</X-MDM-Powered-By>
    <Date>Mon, 22 Apr 2013 16:09:01 GMT</Date>

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