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Installing BMC Atrium Orchestrator Run Book for Discovery Synchronization

Use this section to download and run the content installer, which you use to install adapters, Common Actions modules and utilities, and run book modules that support BMC Atrium Orchestrator Run Book for Discovery Synchronization.

BMC Atrium Orchestrator Run Book for Discovery Synchronization is available from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) website at http://webapps.bmc.com/epd. To use EPD, you must be registered on the BMC Customer Support website. Registration requires your company's support contract ID and password.

Also on the EPD site is a Read This First document, which identifies the files to download for your licenses and identifies the documentation files that you need.

If you do not have a current license for the product, contact your BMC sales representative or your local BMC office or agent. If you cannot download the product, you can request a physical kit.


When you download the installer, the secure BMC website requires that you enter your user name and password.

You must also download the installation file for the run book and the installer specific to your operating system platform (Windows or UNIX). The content installation program installs BMC Atrium Orchestrator content in Windows, Red Hat Linux®, or Oracle® Solaris environments. When downloading the content installation files, verify that you download the right installation program for your environment.

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