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Executing a silent installation

Regardless of the content, you use the same command to launch the installation program in silent mode. The options file determines the content to install. 

You launch the silent installation from the command line and are not prompted for input.

Before you begin

  • You must have downloaded the installation files from the BMC EPD website.
  • You must have created the necessary options files.
  • You must have installed the repository.
  • On Red Hat Linux or Oracle Solaris operating systems, you can output debug logging to the console window by exporting LAX_DEBUG=true.

To execute a silent installation

  1. On a computer that has network access to the repository, navigate to the directory that contains the installation program. 
  2. From the command line, execute one of the following commands to start the installation program in silent mode. 
    When you specify the options file name, specify the full path to the options file; do not specify a path that is relative to the installation program. 

    Linuxsh setup.sh -i silent 
    Solarissh setup.sh -i silent 
    Windowswindows_bao_content_installer_20_16_02\Content\Disk1\setup.cmd -i silent 

Type the command carefully. If you type the command incorrectly, you might invoke an installation mode that is unsupported. 

Where to go from here

To confirm that the installation is complete, view the installation log files.

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