Dell AIM actor adapter requests and responses

The actor adapter requests use the <operation-type> and <operation-name> elements in the adapter request node to execute an API call. The set of values used to execute each API call is referred to as an operation.

You can use the information in this section with the Call Adapter activity to create an adapter request. For detailed instructions about how to use the Call Adapter activity, see Call Adapter activity and Creating and configuring the Call Adapter activity.

Before you write an adapter request

Note the following points:

  • Special characters used in a text field are wrapped in the CDATA tag.
     Sample text: <![CDATA[sample(&*&$#$^text]]>
  • When executing a sample request from this documentation you must ensure that the supporting data is present in the CA Service Desk application.
  • If a large number of records is associated with the query, the execution of the request might take some time.

Supported categories of operations

The actor adapter can perform the following categories of operations:

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