Configuring the NetApp RCU monitor adapter


Before adding an adapter configuration, ensure that you have completed all the prerequisite tasks.

To configure the monitor adapter

  1. Log on to Grid Manager.
  2. To access the adapters page, click the Manage tab, and then click the Adapters tab.
  3. On the Adapters in the Repository list, select the bmc-adapter-netapp-rcu-monitor check box.
  4. To include the adapter in the Adapters on Grid list, click Add to Grid.
  5. Click Configure corresponding to the newly added adapter.
  6. On the Add an Adapter Configuration page, perform the following steps to specify the properties for the new adapter:
    1. Enter a name for the adapter.


      Use NetAppRCUMonitor as the adapter name, which is the default adapter name used by the processes in the AO-AD-NetApp_Rapid_Cloning_Utility module.

    2. Enter a description for the adapter.
    3. Under Properties, enter the adapter configuration properties in an XML format, including all the required elements as indicated in the following table.
      The Properties text box must contain a valid XML configuration node for the adapter, as shown in XML sample for configuring the NetApp Rapid Cloning Utility monitor adapter. The sample shows all the possible elements. If the default value for an optional element is acceptable, omit the element. Do not include any empty elements.
    4. Click OK.
      A confirmation message is displayed on the Adapters page when the changes are saved.

Node elements required to configure the NetApp Rapid Cloning Utility monitor adapter





Specifies the target server on which the Data Fabric Manager (DFM) server is running



Specifies the user name required to log on to the server



Specifies the password that corresponds to the user name

You can encrypt the password by specifying the encryption type attribute.

For example: <password encryption-type = "Base64">cGFzc3dvcmQ=</password>



Specifies the protocol that the adapter uses to contact the DFM server

Valid values: http (default), https



Specifies the port on which the adapter contacts the DFM server

The value depends on the protocol that you select.

Default values:

  • 8088 for http protocol
  • 8488 for https protocol



Specifies the port on which to listen for SNMP traps



Specifies the SNMP version



Specifies the location of the SNMP MIBS directory

Note: This directory should include the following MIBS files:

  • NETWORK-APPLIANCE-MIB.mib: Available on the internet as a generic download
  • dfm.mib: Can be downloaded from the NetApp community sites


The following figure provides a sample XML for configuring the monitor adapter:

XML sample for configuring the NetApp Rapid Cloning Utility monitor adapter

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