Configuring a Notify Filter in BMC Remedy AR System

A Notify Filter is configured using the Remedy Administrator within BMC Remedy Action Request System (BMC Remedy AR System). This filter will send a message through the BMC Remedy AR System API to the monitor adapter when a selected action is executed on a designated form.

  1. Using the Remedy Administrator in BMC Remedy AR System, add a new filter. This filter can be named using any valid name for an BMC Remedy AR System filter.
  2. Associate the filter with a form name.


    BMC recommends that you associate the filter with the actual form and not the interface form to ensure that BMC Remedy AR System workflows have finished executing. For more information, see BMC Remedy AR System workflow for BMC Atrium Orchestrator integration.

  3. Set the values for the Execute On field. An alert will be generated for each of the selected actions executed on the designated form.
  4. On the If Action tab, set the New Action field value to Notify.
  5. In the Notify section of the If Action tab, enter the desired notification text in the text field. This text will populate the <text> element of the monitor adapter event and can be used as a condition in BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio Rules Editor.
  6. The user name should be set to an existing user in BMC Remedy AR System. This user will also be defined in the <user-name> element of the monitor adapter configuration.
  7. Set the Mechanism value to Alert.
  8. Save the Filter.

With the filter configured in BMC Remedy AR System, the BMC Remedy AR System API will generate alerts received by the BMC Atrium Orchestrator monitor adapter for BMC Remedy AR System and will be evaluated by active rules.

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