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BMC Triage and Remediation Solution

The Triage and Remediation solution is a BMC Atrium Orchestrator runbook component that launches triage and remediation workflows. These workflows can be triggered by events that are received from BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management and BMC Event and Impact Management.

The runbook and concomitant workflows automate the triage and remediation of high-volume events in a typical IT operations environment.

The following table will help you get started with the Triage and Remediation solution. 


Understand Triage and Remediation Solution

Triage and Remediation
Install Triage and Remediation SolutionInstalling Triage and Remediation Solution
Integrating BMC Atrium Orchestrator with the Triage and Remediation SolutionIntegrating with BMC Atrium Orchestrator to enable Triage and Remediation workflow
Use Triage and Remediation SolutionUsing Triage and Remediation Solution

For more information about this run book, see the  BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Open link  online technical documentation.

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