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BMC Server Automation adapter

Application adapters enable BMC Atrium Orchestrator workflow processes to perform specialized functions and interact with external applications. The BMC Server Automation application adapter provides the interface between the workflow processes and BMC Server Automation. The BMC Server Automation adapter enables you to design and develop run books and IT process automation solutions for server configuration, compliance, discovery, and virtualization.

The BMC Server Automation adapter contains an actor adapter and an adapter module, which comprise workflow processes that perform the standard application actions available through the BMC Server Automation interface. The application actions that you can perform using this adapter belong to the functional areas including, but not limited to:

  • access control
  • compliance
  • job management

The following BMC Communities video (6:53) describes how to integrate BMC Server Automation with BMC Atrium Orchestrator. It shows how to create a job in BMC Server Automation Console and configure and deploy a BSA adapter.

The following BMC Communities video (6:06) shows how to create a workflow to test the integration.

For more BMC Atrium Orchestrator videos, see the How to Videos - BMC Atrium Orchestrator playlist on YouTube. 

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