BMC Remedy AR System monitor adapter

A monitor adapter obtains data from an external system and generates an event message. Depending on the monitor adapter, it can obtain data by:

  • Pulling data from an external system by polling the system
  • Receiving data that is pushed from an external system

The event is evaluated by rules and can trigger specific workflow processes when the rule criteria are met. For detailed instructions about how to create a rule, see Creating rules. For detailed instructions about how to create workflows, see Developing workflows.

This monitor adapter captures an alert that is created in the BMC Remedy Action Request System (BMC Remedy AR System) application and generates an event message. This adapter is responsible for handling alerts generated through Notify Filters that have been configured in BMC Remedy AR System. This adapter does not support multiple configurations. However, you can create multiple monitor adapters in Grid Manager, with each monitor adapter having a unique configuration and using unique credentials.

Working of the monitor adapter



The BMC Remedy AR System server might not be able to notify the monitor adapter about the availability of new alerts because of the following reasons:

  • Notifications from BMC Remedy AR System to BMC Atrium Orchestrator are blocked by a firewall and do not reach BMC Atrium Orchestrator.
  • Notifications are turned off on the BMC Remedy AR System server.

    As a result, based on the value specified in the <poll-interval> element in the monitor adapter configuration, BMC Atrium Orchestrator repetitively unregisters for alerts and immediately registers for alerts again.
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