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BMC Continuous Compliance for Servers for ServiceNow

IT administrators typically need to coordinate configuration management processes with other Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes, such as task management, incident management, and change management.

Part of Compliance Automation, the BMC Continuous Compliance for Server Automation solution automates the integration of BMC Server Automation monitoring, documenting changes, compliance, and remediation processes with ServiceNow IT management systems.

The integration with ServiceNow is accomplished through BMC Atrium Orchestrator and standard APIs.

This section describes how to install, configure, and use the run book:

Overview of the solution

Implementing the BMC Continuous Compliance for Servers solution enables you to ensure compliance to the change process without requiring IT personnel to manually create change tickets. The solution reduces the risk of unauthorized and unplanned changes through enforced change tracking and automated documentation of all changes. The following figure describes the overview of the solution.

When you implement the BMC Continuous Compliance for Server Automation solution, you can execute the following workflows:



Operator-initiated change

This workflow enables you to facilitate the tracking of infrastructure change actions initiated by a BMC Server Automation operator, by integrating the execution of BMC Server Automation jobs with ServiceNow. 

When operations changes are implemented, operators need to document these changes in their ServiceNow change management system. To automate this change tracking process, a change request is automatically created in ServiceNow when a BMC Server Automation operator submits a job that requires ServiceNow tracking and approval. After the change is approved in ServiceNow, the job is scheduled for execution in BMC Server Automation.

Closed-loop compliance

This workflow involves automatically creating incidents and change requests if noncompliant servers are detected, or if deviations from a master server configuration are detected. Continuous Compliance for Server Automation integrates the remediation of discrepancies and compliance violations in BMC Server Automation to the change management processes facilitated by the ServiceNow IT management system.

Prior to executing these use cases, the data center technical personnel who are responsible for setting up the Continuous Compliance for Server Automation solution must complete the installation process and configuration procedures required to implement the solution.

Where to go from here

To enable the Continuous Compliance for Servers use cases, you must perform the following tasks:

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