Run book architecture

BMC Atrium Orchestrator run book modules consist of the following layers:

Adapter wrappers

The adapter wraps basic create, read, update, and delete functionality and the API presented by third-party applications. Concepts used at this level represent third-party data structures. Workflows at this level represent the API call or an abstraction of the API call provided by the adapter to the external system.

Operations actions modules and utilities

This level effectively wraps common data model (CDM) concepts. Operations actions help call the appropriate adapter wrappers based on the configuration name provided to the workflow.

Applications and run books

BMC Atrium Orchestrator run books model and automate your use cases that integrate different applications. The run books leverage the underlying operations action modules to call specific actions on the application and base adapters. When uploaded to the grid, the run books can be invoked using web services or adapter events monitoring the applications.

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