About BMC Atrium Orchestrator

Built on a high-availability and high-performance grid architecture, BMC Atrium Orchestrator offers out-of-the-box workflows, leveraging your existing systems (monitoring, service desk, BMC Atrium Configuration Management Database, and others) to accelerate IT service execution across your enterprise.

BMC Atrium Orchestrator can automate a variety of tasks, including:

  • Automating the verification, diagnosis, and remediation of IT infrastructure failures
  • Accelerating routine tasks, such as provisioning and decommissioning physical and virtual assets and IT services
  • Synchronizing information between Service Desk and other IT management systems
  • Managing and scheduling disaster recovery routines
  • Automatically recording configuration operations from change management systems

By automating manual and repetitive IT tasks, BMC Atrium Orchestrator not only reduces operational costs, but also assures you of compliance and that your best-practice standards are met 100 percent of the time.

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