IMAP adapter

The Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) mail adapter checks for messages in a specified account on an IMAP mail server. The account information is designated in the configuration node for the adapter in Grid Manager.

The IMAP adapter can use the following base adapter features. For details about these features, see Base adapter features.

Though the adapter supports multiple configuration nodes, you can also configure multiple IMAP mail adapters within Grid Manager, each with a unique configuration node and adapter name. Because the adapter supports multiple targets, you can monitor multiple email accounts simultaneously, using a single adapter instance.

During initialization, the adapter checks whether multiple targets are configured. The adapter transitions to a fault state if it fails to connect to any of the configured targets. In the fault state, the adapter continues to process messages from the targets to which it could connect. The adapter returns to the running state only after it reconnects to all the failed targets.


Starting with the 20.12.02 release, the IMAP adapter supports Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) for directing internet traffic and for routing. For details, see Support for IPv6.

Prerequisite to using an IPv6 address

Ensure that the following conditions are met before specifying an IPv6 address:

  • The email server must support the IPv6 feature—for example the email server 'Ability Mail Server version 3.1.0' supports IPv6.
  • The peer where the adapter is enabled must be IPv6-compliant.
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