Add Database Availability Group Server operation

The Add Database Availability Group Server process adds a mailbox server to a database availability group (DAG). A DAG is a set of mailbox servers that use continuous replication and managed availability to provide automatic database-level recovery from database, server, or network failures.


The Add Database Availability Group Server operation supports Microsoft Exchange versions 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016.

The adapter request parameters may differ according to the Microsoft Exchange Server version.

For the list of all supported parameters, refer to the Add-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer cmdlet in the Microsoft Exchange documentation specific to your version.

The following figure shows a sample adapter request for the Add Database Availability Group Server operation for Microsoft Exchange version 2016:


The following figure shows the response for the adapter request:

    <target-output host="">
        <os-id>Windows Server 2008</os-id>
            <command>Add-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer -Identity:DAG1 -MailboxServer:CLM-PUN-020811 -confirm:$false</command>
            <line index="1">Attempting to connect to remote host...</line>
            <line index="2">Initialising rctrlx server component...</line>
            <line index="3">Executing remote application: cmd /c "echo . | powershell -PSConsoleFile "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Bin\exshell.psc1" -NonInteractive -Command Add-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer -Identity:DAG1 -MailboxServer:CLM-PUN-020811 -confirm:$false "</line>
            <line index="4">Stdout:</line>
            <line index="5">Remote application exited with code: 0</line>

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