Setting up events for the BEM monitor adapter

The monitor adapter does not use the mcell.dir file that is local to the BMC Atrium Orchestrator peer. To enable propagation of events from the cells to the gateway, you must make changes to the mcell.dir file on BEM. However, if you need to change the listener port in the monitor adapter configuration, you must also make this change in the mcell.dir file on the BEM server.

To enable propagation of events from the BEM cells to the gateway

  1. Create the gateway.imcomm file on the BEM server in the $MCELL_HOME/etc directory.
  2. Add the following line to define the gateway in the mcell.dir file:


    gateway.imcomm gw mc

    The variables are defines as follows:

    • gw: gateway name
    • mc: encryption key
    • IP address of the peer local to BMC Atrium Orchestrator
    • 1859: port on which the monitor adapter listens for events
  3. Restart the mcell services and the Impact Integration Web Server (IIWS) service.


    Starting with BMC Event Manager version 7.4, the IIWS service is renamed as Impact Integration Web Service.

    The following figure illustrates a sample gateway.imcomm file.

    Sample gateway.imcomm file
    slots.mod=[mc_ueid, $MODS]
    # Format parameters - MAY NOT BE MODIFIED or message will be
    not acknowledged by ImGateway
    init.mod=modify $GHANDLE;\n
    #quoatable=<standard MRL quotation rules>
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