Session ID management

The session ID and endpoint address of the BMC Remedyforce web service are obtained by logging on to the Salesforce web service. This session ID is used to perform all the subsequent operations on the BMC Remedyforce application.

The login details specified in the adapter configuration are used to make a call to the Salesforce web service. The session ID and the Remedyforce web service endpoint received in the web service response are stored in the actor adapter. A timer is set and the session ID is renewed at intervals specified in the <time-to-live> element.


If you specify the value of the <time-to-live> element as more than 120 minutes, you must increase the value for the Session Timeout value field on the BMC Remedyforce server. The value of the <time-to-live> element should be similar to or less than the Session Timeout value field.

The adapter enters into a fault state if the session ID is not retrieved with the details specified in the adapter configuration.

Sample SOAP request to log in to Salesforce and retrieve the session ID

 <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">
   <urn:login xmlns:urn="">

Sample SOAP response that contains the BMC Remedyforce web service endpoint and session ID

  <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">
          <serverUrl></serverUrl>   <sessionId>00D90000000HqPi!AQcAQODVQ8_J5bpUBlrV4DgL_
            <userDefaultCurrencyIsoCode xsi:nil="true" />
            <userFullName>samir sood</userFullName>
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