Module for the ServiceNow adapter

Each operation supported by the application adapter has a corresponding process in the adapter module. Top-level processes perform high-level functions and call specialized processes in subdirectories. Each subdirectory contains process directories corresponding to the supported operation types.

Top-level processes

The top-level processes in the Project Explorer window execute the following version-specific Service-now application processes:

  • Find Items
  • Create Items
  • Update Items
  • Delete Items

SetupValidation directory

The processes in the SetupValidation directory contain sample values for the request elements. These sample values can be quickly changed to reflect the values in your environment. A process is provided to test each supported method of executing operations in the Service-now application.

Utilities directory

The Utilities directory contains the following types of helper processes:

  • General processes that perform validation and check for errors
  • Processes that create the XML documents used in the adapter requests

Processes are organized into subdirectories that correspond to the supported commands.

Version directory

The v1.0 directory contains processes specific to the Service-now application Winter 2010 Stable 3. A process is available for each supported operation. Processes are grouped into subdirectories based on the operation type. The following subdirectories exist under the version1.0 directory:

  • Change Management
  • Import Set
  • Incident Management
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