Module for the BMC Remedyforce adapter

Each command supported by the application adapter has a corresponding process in the adapter module. Top-level processes perform high-level functions and call specialized processes in subdirectories. Each subdirectory contains process directories that correspond to the operation type for that command.

Top-level processes

The top-level processes in the adapter module perform basic operations to interface with the BMC Remedyforce application.

The top-level processes in the Project Explorer window execute the following BMC Remedyforce specific processes:

Utility processes

The Utilities directory contains a helper and constructor process that creates the XML inputs used in functional processes.

Setup_Validation processes

The processes in the Setup_Validation directory contain sample values for request elements. You can change these sample values to reflect the values in your environment. A process is provided to test each supported method of executing operations in the BMC Remedyforce application.

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