Hyper-V Server 2012 actor adapter requests and responses

The actor adapter can execute different PowerShell commands on Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 R2. The adapter requests contain values that are used to execute PowerShell commands. The set of values used to execute each PowerShell command is referred to as an operation.


If there are multiple targets in the configuration, but no target is named in the adapter request, then the first target (<config>) in the configuration list (<configs>) is the default target.

You can use the information in this topic with the Call Adapter activity to create an adapter request. For detailed instructions about how to use the Call Adapter activity, see Call Adapter activity and Creating and configuring the Call Adapter activity.

 The adapter can perform the following categories of operations:

Operations for the Hyper-V Server 2012 adapter

Operation typeOperation sub-typeOperation nameDescription
Basic_VM_Operations-Find Virtual Machine DetailsRetrieves details of one or more virtual machines (VMs).
 -Set Virtual Machine StateChanges the existing state of a VM.
VM_Configuration_Operations-Create Virtual MachineCreates a new VM on the Microsoft Hyper-V server.
 -Mount Virtual DiskMounts a disk on an existing logical drive on the VM.
 Add_HardwareAdd Virtual Hard DiskAdds a virtual hard disk to the VM.
 -Add Virtual NICAdds a virtual network interface controller (NIC) to the specified VM.
 -Add Virtual DriveAdds a virtual drive to a controller on the specified VM.
 Update_HardwareUpdate Virtual Machine MemoryUpdates the memory resources of a VM created on the Microsoft Hyper-V server.
 -Update Virtual Machine ProcessorsSets the processor resources allocated to a VM created on the Microsoft Hyper-V server.
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