Creating adapter modules using the Web Services adapter

This section explains how to create an adapter module using the Web Services base adapter.

To create an adapter module using the Web Services base adapter.

  1. Create and configure the Web Services adapter on the grid. For details, see the Web Services adapter.
  2. Use Make SOAP Request Method One, if the Web Service runs on HTTP or HTTPS.
  3. Use Make SOAP Request Method Two, if the Web Service runs on HTTP and requires a session cookie.

  4. Identify and perform the Web Services operations with the required inputs and outputs using the SoapUI utility.
  5. Search and import the required WSDL from the web in the SoapUI utility to get all the operations.
  6. Run the required operation.
    This formulates the SOAP body which includes operation names and the outputs.
  7. Create a new adapter utilities module.
  8. Create a process similar to the operation name. For example, create a BMC Atrium Orchestrator process, Login for the login operation.
  9. For this example, you need session cookies. Therefore, add connection name as an input, in addition to adapter name and soap url.
  10. Add the information needed for the operation.
    For example, for the login operation, add username and password as inputs.
  11. Construct a SOAP body using the Assign activity from the Activity palette to transform an empty XML document </mt>.
  12. Add the inputs of operations as tokens within the XSLT transform.
  13. Create a <body> element.
  14. Create a child element with the same name as the operation (as seen in SoapUI).
    • the prefix is urn
    • the namespace is urn:NSConfig
  15. Each additional element is an input name accompanied by the token value.
  16. Preview the SOAP body.
  17. Save, exit, and assign to the output context item of the SOAP < body> element.
  18. Assign inputs to the SOAP Method process.
  19. Assign the process output to a local context item.
  20. Create appropriate outputs by adding local context items to the output of the process.
  21. (optional) With another Assign activity, extract values from the SOAP process and pass it to the output of the process.
  22. Create another module using step 1 to step 21.
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