Create Objects process

The Create Objects process creates the following types of objects objects in the Remedyforce application:

  • Change
  • Incident
  • Configuration item
  • Task

You can create multiple objects of the same type by using the Create Objects operation. For example, you can create multiple incidents by specifying the type as incident.


To create multiple objects, specify the same type in an adapter request. You cannot create a Change Request and an Incident in the same objects XML.

The following table describes the input parameters for the Create Objects process.

Process inputs for the Create Objects process




adapter name

Specifies the name of the adapter

Valid value: RemedyforceActor (default)



Specifies the XML that contains the objects to be created in the BMC Remedyforce application


The following figure shows a sample XML for the objects input parameter.

Sample XML for the Create Objects objects input parameter

        <BMCServiceDesk__Change_Description__c>Test Change1</BMCServiceDesk__Change_Description__c>
        <BMCServiceDesk__Back_Out_Plan__c>Back Out Plan1</BMCServiceDesk__Back_Out_Plan__c>
        <BMCServiceDesk__Reason_for_Change__c>Reason for change1</BMCServiceDesk__Reason_for_Change__c>
        <BMCServiceDesk__Roll_Out_Plan__c>Rollout Plan1</BMCServiceDesk__Roll_Out_Plan__c>

The following figure shows a sample XML for the adapter response output parameter.

Sample XML for the Create Objects adapter response output parameter

  <Envelope xmlns="">
    <Body xmlns="">
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