Using the BMC Service Desk Automation run book

This section provides information about how to run the example Unlock Account use case and how to automate use cases using the BMC Service Desk Automation run book.

Unlock Account user scenario

The Unlock Account user scenario unlocks user accounts automatically when a request is submitted in the BMC Service Request Management application.

When a user submits a request for unlocking a user's account, an incident is created in BMC Remedy ITSM - Incident Management application. The service offering for Unlock Account is made available in the Service Catalog by creating a service request definition in BMC Service Request Management. When the incident is in the Assigned state, the work log for the incident is updated with the details of the request. A notification is sent to BMC Atrium Orchestrator, which triggers the appropriate processes required to interact with Microsoft Active Directory to unlock the user account. The status of the incident is moved to In Progress. After the account is unlocked, a successful response is received by BMC Atrium Orchestrator, which marks the incident status as Complete. The request is marked as complete.

The following figure shows the service request for unlocking the user's account.

For more information about installing and configuring the Unlock Account use case, see User scenario for unlocking user accounts.

Adding a new use case

This section describes the end-to-end process for automating a service request. Using the BMC Service Desk Automation module, you can automate the entire lifecycle of a change, incident, or a work order after the event reaches the module. 

For more information, see Adding a use case to BMC Service Desk Automation run book

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