Understanding the module workflow organization

You work with OA Management module through the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio Process Designer. Most of the OA Management module follow the same organizational directory organization, described in the following table. Unless otherwise noted, all workflow folders are located at the module root folder level.

OA Management module workflow organization

Level or directory name


Root level

Displays the most commonly used workflows within the module, as well as the module rules, schedule, and configuration.

Note: OA Management module are installed fully configured to work in BMC Remedy ITSM and HP ServiceCenter environments. Additional module configuration is not required.


Contains basic workflows, such as Create Items, Find Items, and Update Items, used to build new workflows. You can use the workflows in the Custom directory to interface with an alternate system. These workflows are called when the module configuration defines a configuration group with a value of custom.


Provides a selection of prebuilt search workflows relevant to the module. Change Management, for example, includes the Get Change Associations and Get change by Change ID searches. The Incident Management module contains the Get All Configuration Item Associations by Incident ID and Get Incidents by Urgency searches.

Setup Validation

Provides examples and instructions for creating new workflows. After you create a new workflow, you can use the Setup Validation workflows to test its functionality and results.


Contains workflows grouped by function, such as extracting information or translating values.


The Problem Management module contains a different organizational folder structure:

  • Common Utilities
  • Investigation
  • Known Error
  • Solution Database

See Problem Management module for more information about this module.

The Storage Management module contains a different organizational folder structure:

  • File System
  • LUN
  • Resource Pool
  • Search
  • Security Configuration
  • Setup Validation
  • Storage Container
  • Storage Service
  • Utility
  • Virtual Storage System

See Storage Management module for more information about this module.

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