Overview of Operations Actions Management modules

In the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio application, the module is the basic unit of development. Rules, schedules, and module configuration items are attributes of the module and are used to add execution capabilities to the workflows. A workflow is a collection of actions that produces specific output from specific input that is triggered by a specific event.

Each module has a configuration that acts as a persistent store of configuration items for workflows. The configuration items store static data and configuration information for workflows. Module configuration items are global and are accessible by any workflow in the grid.

Rules are used to execute workflows conditionally, based on events occurring in the system and identified by monitor adapters. A rule can invoke only workflows in the module in which the rule is defined.

Schedules are defined at the module level and are used to execute workflows at predefined times. The execution scope of schedules is also limited to the module in which the schedule is defined.

A module contains a collection of workflows, rules, schedules, and module configuration items. The components of the module are built by workflow developers using BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio. A module is very much like a folder in which these components are housed as one logical unit, and serves as a useful organizational tool for grouping components according to common criteria.

Operations Actions Management modules contain general-purpose reusable workflows that interact with multiple vendor implementations of a type of target system. The following components compose an Operations Actions Management module:

  • A set of normalized data, known as a common data model or a concept
  • Operations Actions workflows
  • A set of configuration mappings
  • Application adapters

Together, these Operations Actions Management module components enable you to build abstract implementations, using the common data model and the workflows. By using the application adapter for the target system and by building the configuration mappings, you can fulfill specific use cases.

The following topics describe the architecture of an Operations Actions Management module for a Change Management system:

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