Operations Actions workflows architecture

As discussed in Concepts (the common data model), concepts provide an abstract representation of the common data model for the fields in the target application system. Associated with the concepts are the actions. In the case of the Change Management module, these actions include those that are required to manipulate a change. Actions associated with a change include the following basic operations for a Change Management system:

  • Create change
  • Retrieve or find change
  • Update change
  • Delete change

In these operations, the change concept is used for input and output. Each workflow performs an action on the concept, which in this example represents a change. Because the change is an implementation of the common data model, and the common data model can represent any Change Management system, by making minor changes to a set of configuration mappings, you can use this workflow with any Change Management system.

The following flow diagram shows the data flow for Operations Actions for the Create Change workflow for a Change Management system:

  AO Change Management Module1

The following flow diagram provides an example of an Operations Actions Create Change workflow:

  Change Concept mapping1

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