Event Management module

The Event Management module contains prebuilt workflows typically performed in event management. You can automate many of these workflows with little or no personal intervention, increasing the speed with which they finish. Process automation also reduces errors during event management operations, such as creating events, assigning an event to an assignee, or appending a log to an event. Event Management workflows include predefined mappings to the BMC Event Manager, IBM ® Netcool ® OMNIbus, and HP Network Node Manager event management systems.

With the module and the corresponding application adapter, BMC Atrium Orchestrator offers comprehensive out-of-the-box automation of event management operations. The Event Management module also offers significant flexibility, enabling you to modify workflows, adjust data mappings to external systems, create mappings to your own custom systems, and extend existing workflows to perform additional automated tasks.

The BMC Event Manager uses BMC Impact Explorer to view and manage events. To automate the management of events, BMC Atrium Orchestrator uses the application adapter for BMC Event Manager. Using the Event Management module with the BMC Event Manager adapter, you can query and manage the following event fields in BMC Event Manager:

  • Category
  • Class
  • Component Type
  • Component ID
  • Time to Close (Duration)
  • Host
  • Host Class
  • Host Address
  • Location
  • Message (event summary)
  • Owner
  • Priority
  • Severity
  • Service (service affected)
  • Status
  • Occurred
  • mc_origin_class
  • mc_origin
  • mc_tool_class
  • mc_tool
  • Notes
  • ID
  • Occurrences (Count)
  • Date (Origin Time)

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