Creating a service and a navigational category for the service

Before you begin using the BMC Service Desk Automation run book, ask yourself what services users will be requesting. In BMC Service Request Management, these services are defined in service request definitions (SRDs). For example, if you decide to use the Unlock Account user scenario available out-of-the-box with the run book, you would require to first define a business service and create a navigational category for the service in BMC Service Request Management before you create a service request definition for the service. 

This topic describes how to create a business service and configure a navigational category for the service. 

To create a business service

You must create a business service for the service offering as you are required to specify the service later while creating a service request definition. 


To make sure that your business service configuration items (CIs) appear in the Service Catalog, use the Service Catalog to create them. The Service Catalog displays only instances of BMC_BusinessService where the ServiceType attribute is set to "BusinessService" or "TechnicalService", and it correctly sets this attribute when creating a CI. Other BMC interfaces that create business service CIs, such as BMC Atrium Explorer or BMC Impact Model Designer, do not correctly set the value for ServiceType. Do not create services with duplicate names.

  1. Log on to the BMC Remedy ITSM system with administrative privileges.
  2. From the IT Home page, click Atrium Core > Atrium Core Console > Applications > Service Catalog
  3. On the Service Catalog window, click  (Create a new service).
    The following figure shows the New Service dialog box.
  4. Enter the service name (for example Unlock Account).
  5. From the Service Type list, select the type as Business. 


    After you select the type and save the service, you cannot change the type.

  6. Enter a description.
  7. In the General Information tab, re-enter the name of the service (for example, Unlock Account).
  8. From the Lifecycle Stage list, select the stage as Operational.
  9. Click Apply and Save

For more information on creating business services, see Creating new services for the Service Catalog in BMC Atrium Core online technical documentation.

To create a navigational category for the service

You can create generic categories that globally apply to all organizations (for example, Hardware/Computers) or categories unique to specific companies. When you define categories for one company, those categories are visible only for that company. You can create three levels of categorizations for a specific company (for example, Installation > Desktop > Windows, or Change > Application > Password).

To create a navigational category:

  1. Log on to the BMC Remedy ITSM system with administrative privileges.
  2. From the IT Home page, click Administration Console > Application Administration Console, and click the Custom Configuration tab.
  3. From the Application Settings list, select Service Request Management > Navigational Categories > Category Management, and click Open.
    The following figure shows the Category Management form.
  4. To create a category for a company, follow these steps:
    1. From the Select Company list, select your company (for example, Calbro Services).
    2. Select Categories at the top of the tree.
      For example, to create a category for unlocking a user account, select Identity Access and Password Management
    3. Click Add.
    4. Select New Category from the tree.
    5. Enter a name for the new category.
      For example, Unlock Account
    6. (Optional) Add a brief description of the category. 
    7. (Optional) Click Change Image to select an image.
    8. Select the status of the navigation category as Active.
      The status determines if the category is available on other forms (for example, the Request Entry console or the SRD Qualification for Entitlement).
      The following figure shows the Unlock Account category added in the Identity Access and Password Management 
  5. Click Apply and click Save.

For more detailed information about configuring navigational categories, see in BMC Service Request Management online technical documentation. 

Where to go from here

After you create a business service and configure a navigational category for the service, you can now create a service request definition in BMC Service Request Management.

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