Configuration roadmap for BMC Service Desk Automation run book

This section describes the end to end configuration settings to be made in BMC MyIT, BMC Service Request Management, BMC Remedy IT Service Management, and BMC Atrium Orchestrator products to set up and run the Service Desk Automation run book in your environment. 

The following table lists the steps required to perform the configuration tasks. 

ActionProductAdditional information

1. Create an orchestration user with the required permissions

BMC Remedy ITSMCreating an orchestration user account in BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite
2. Create a business service and a navigational categoryBMC Service Request ManagementCreating a service and a navigational category for the service
3. Create a service request definition

BMC Service Request Management

Creating a service request definition in BMC Service Request Management

4. (Optional) Configure MyITBMC MyITConfiguring BMC MyIT
5. (Optional) Collect business metrics for the run bookBMC Service Request Management/
BMC Atrium Orchestrator 
Collecting business metrics for BMC Service Desk Automation run book
6. Configure adaptersBMC Atrium OrchestratorConfiguring adapters for the Service Desk Automation Run Book
7. Configure modulesBMC Atrium OrchestratorConfiguring the BMC Service Desk Automation module

The procedures described in this section are specific to the configuration settings required for the example Unlock Account use case, however, you can use similar settings for configuring the BMC Service Desk Automation run book for automating use cases that match your requirement. 

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