Adding mappings to the module configuration

You use the Operations Actions Management module configuration to persist the configuration mappings. You can define a configuration mapping to contain any subset of the elements in the concept. Each configuration mapping can represent a different operation. For example, the WRITE operation in the target system will work only for a predetermined set of fields, while a READ operation might work with all fields, although some fields might be hidden.

Using the sample concept-to-source mapping table as a reference, you can create mappings for each operation that you want to invoke. You can create configuration mappings for any operation that the adapter exposes. For example, the following operations are exposed in the BMC Remedy ITSM Change Management system that uses the BMC Atrium Orchestrator application adapter for BMC Remedy AR System:

  • Read
  • Write
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Find

The out-of-the-box workflows implement these operations and some specialized operations for associating and searching. The following procedure provides an example of how you can map create for a write operation using the configuration name Calbro_Change_Management and the mapping name create_schema. You can use the following process to create your own concept-to-source mappings.

To create a configuration mapping

  1. In the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio application, open the module configuration section of the module and add a module configuration group node to represent the mappings for the target system (for example, Calbro_Change_Management).

    New module configuration group, Calbro_Change_Management
  2. Add module configuration item details, using the type XML.

    New module configuration item
  3. Convert the Concept-to-Source Mapping table elements into the XML document format, shown in the following example, in which each element of the document is a concept element and the value is the field mapping name.

        <request-id type="int" version="default">Request ID</request-id>
        <change-id type="string" version="default">Infrastructure Change Id</change-id>
        <change-type type="string" version="default">Change Type</change-type>
        <description type="string" version="default">Description</description>
        <detailed-description type="string" version="default">Detailed Description</detailed-description>
        <first-name type="string" version="default">First Name</first-name>
        <last-name type="string" version="default">Last Name</last-name>

    The workflows written using this concept can now process data sourced from the Calbro Change Management system.

For more information about BMC Atrium Orchestrator Operations Actions Management modules, see Operations Actions Management modules.

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