Adapter requests and responses for the HTTP adapter

The HTTP adapter requests and responses are action-specific, and the samples and templates for each action are provided in the sub-sections. The action indicated can be entered in the adapter's Action field in the Property panel of the Call Adapter activity in BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio. If you do not specify an action in the Action field, the adapter uses the default action "Get".

This section describes the requests and responses of the HTTP adapter for the following actions:

  • Get
  • Post
  • Put
  • Delete


    The HTTP adapter supports both <httpAdapterRequest> and <http-adapter-request> tags for an adapter request; however, only the <httpAdapterResponse> tag is supported for an adapter response.

    BMC recommends that you use the <httpAdapterRequest> root tag for the adapter request.


    Starting with the 20.12.02 release, the HTTP adapter supports Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) for directing internet traffic and for routing. For details, see Support for IPv6. The adapter however, does not support NTLM authentication for a proxy interface using IPv6.

    You can specify an IPv6 address with a zone ID for the <action> element in the adapter requests—for example,
    You must specify the IPv6 address in square brackets ([ ]). To find the zone ID of the required computer, see Zone ID for an IPv6 address.

    For an HTTP adapter request, the IPv6 string literal format is only supported in a Microsoft Windows-based environment. For details about string literal formats, see


    Windows-based environment:The adapter is enabled on a Windows-based computer and the specified target IP address is also for a Windows-based computer.

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