About the Databases configuration group

Like the Datacenter, the Databases group is subdivided into domains. The domains contain host systems and databases that reside on each host within the domain. The following figure displays this hierarchy.

Databases group in the Credentials Store module configuration

In the Databases group, each host that you add must start with keyword Host (for example, Host 1, Host 2, Host_Generic). All of the configuration items inside the Host configuration group must not be changed. The following configuration items must be used:

  • Hostname (required) - You can use the asterisk as the hostname value to denote hosts that share common login credentials within the domain.
  • Port (required) - This is the port number through which you connect to the database.
  • Subprotocol - The subprotocol specifies how the JDBC driver connects to different data sources. The default is oracle:thin.
  • Driver - The driver specifies the JDBC driver that is used to connect directly to Oracle. The default is oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver.
  • Invocation_Mechanism - The invocation mechanism determines the adapter to be used. The workflow extracts the adapter based on its value from the Adapter_Invocation_Mechanism_Mappings module configuration group.

When specifying the Database group name, you must preface the name with Database._ Module configuration items in the Database group must be used literally. The Database group contains the following item details:

  • DB_Name - This is the name of the database that you want to access. You can use the asterisk as the DB_Name value to denote databases that share common logon credentials within the domain. (See also Common credentials and domain search.)
  • Username - This username is the database username.
  • Password - This is the database password. You can encrypt the password through the Secure type credential.

The following table details the Credentials Store module configuration values.

Credentials Store module configuration

Configuration item

Description or value


Group name


An XML structure that contains connection details for the BMC PATROL datacenter in the environment.
Sample XML:

  <domain name="2k3aovm5.local">
    <host username="patrol" password=patrol123" invocation-mechanism="windows-command" timeout="120" port="3181" protocol="TCP"></host>

Adapter Invocation Mechanism Mappings

 invocation-mechanism="command-line">Command  Line</adapter-name>


These mappings are used by all three groups (Host, database, and PATROL)


Group name

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