20.15.02 enhancements

This section contains information about the enhancements in version 20.15.02 of BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content. 


For information about issues corrected in this release, see Known and corrected issues.

Version 20.15.02 provides the following enhancements:


The following video (4:59) presentation provides a high-level summary of the enhancements in this release.


New BMC Service Desk Automation run book

BMC Service Desk Automation run book enables you to automate fulfillment of services that can be requested by the end users from a service desk application.

The BMC Service Desk Automation run book supports automating the service offerings in BMC Service Request Management and BMC MyIT. BMC Atrium Orchestrator acts as a fulfillment provider and enables the administrator to automate processing service requests. An out-of-the-box Unlock Account use case included in this solution provides an example of how an end user can request for unlocking a user's account. You can use this run book to configure the supported service request fulfillment. 

For more information, see BMC Service Desk Automation run book.

Support for BMC Remedy AR System version 9.0

The following table shows the supported adapters, modules, and run books certified with the BMC Remedy AR System 9.0 in this release.



BMC Remedy AR System 9.0

BMC Remedy IT Service Management 9.0

BMC Atrium CMDB 9.0

BMC Service Request Management 9.0

  • BMC Remedy AR System adapter
  • BMC Atrium CMDB adapter
  • Change Management module
  • Configuration Management module
  • Task Management module
  • Incident Management module
  • Work Order Management module

Continuous Compliance for Servers run book now supports BMC Remedy 9.0

The BMC Continuous Compliance for Servers Run Book now supports BMC Remedy 9.0. All artifacts and BMC Remedy AR System configurations remain unchanged. 

Updates to the VMware Infrastructure actor adapter

A new module wrapper <retrieve-all-vm-properties> is added to the <items> XML for the Retrieve Cluster Virtual Machines operation, which enables one to specify whether to retrieve all properties for all virtual machines in a cluster. If false, only the name and type of all virtual machines in the cluster are retrieved. 

For more information, see Retrieve Cluster Virtual Machines operation.

Updates to the HTTP adapter

A new element <ignore-line-break-in-response> is added to the HTTP adapter, which ensures enables you to specify whether to retain or ignore the new line character in the adapter response. By default, the <ignore-line-break-in-response> element is set to true, which returns the data in the response on a single line text in the <message-body> element. If false, the adapter response contains the line break markup and the data appears on separate lines.

The <ignore-line-break-in-response> element is added to the Get, Post, and Put actions of the HTTP adapter. 

For more information about the element, see the Adapter requests and responses for the HTTP adapter.  

Updates to the SSH and Telnet adapter

The <target-os-type-verification> element is introduced in the adapter wrapper processes for the SSH and Telnet adapters. This element decides whether the adapter must determine the target OS type soon after authentication is complete or a connection is established. For more information, see Configuring the Telnet adapter and Configuring the SSH adapter

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