Editing the module configuration mappings

You can update module configuration mappings to accommodate custom fields in your environment, such as vendor-specific fields. Continuing with the example in Customizing concepts, you can update the Incident Management module configuration mapping in a BMC Remedy AR System configuration to include new fields, Server Name and Server Serial.

To change the Incident Management BMC Remedy AR System configuration

  1. In the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio application, double-click the Incident Management module configuration icon, and expand BMC_AR_System configuration.
  2. Click Create_Mappings and add the following entries to the XML value:
     <server-name type="string"> Server Name </server-name> 
     <server-serial type="string"> Server Serial </server-serial>
  3. Click Save.


    If you use the setup validation workflow called Test Create Incidents in the Incident Management Module as a basis for a workflow, ensure that you specify the newly added fields in the Assign Required Remedy incident values.

    For the updated Create_Mappings XML that shows the addition of Server Name and Server Serial, see the following figure.

Updated Create_Mappings XML showing Server Name and Server Serial field mappings

  <request-id type="int" version="default">Request ID</request-id> 
  <incident-number type="string" version="default">Incident Number</incident-number> 
  <short-description type="string" version="default">Description</short-description> 
  <long-description type="string" version="default">Detailed_Decription</long-description> 
  <first-name type="string" version="default">First_Name</first-name> 
  <last-name type="string" version="default">Last_Name</last-name> 
  <status type="int" version="default">Status</status> 
  <service-type type="string" version="default">Service_Type</service-type> 
  <impact type="int" version="default">Impact</impact> 
  <urgency type="int" version="default">Urgency</urgency> 
  <reported-source type="int" version="default">Reported Source</reported-source> 
  <action type="string" version="default">z1D_Action</action> 
  <status-reason type="int" version="default">Status_Reason</status-reason> 
  <template-id type="int" version="default">TemplateID</template-id> 
  <ci-name type="string" version="default">CI Name</ci-name> 
  <lookup-keyword type="string" version="default">Lookup Keyword</lookup-keyword> 
  <dataset-id type="string" version="default">DatasetId</dataset-id> 
  <reconciliation-identity type="string"  
  <server-name type="string" version="default">Server Name</server-name> 
  <server-serial type="string" version="default">Server Serial</server-serial> 
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