About the Datacenter configuration group

The Datacenter is a subset of a secure credentials container. It consists of secure authentication type items instead of XML elements. The Datacenter contains one default domain with a name that begins with the word Domain. The default domain captures host names that are passed to it without a domain name, and contains other domain categories (each labeled with the keyword Domain ) for one or more IP addresses.

Each domain category can contain multiple host definitions, as illustrated in the following figure:

Credentials Store: Datacenter domain hierarchy

Each domain (for example, abc.com, xyz.com, and abc.gov) specifies a different grouping of IP addresses. The default domain category can contain host names without specified domain names. It can also contain an IP address for a host (see IP address for the host node under the default domain).

When adding a domain to the list, you must use the keyword Domain at the beginning of the string: for example, Domain_BMC.

Each domain category contains one or more hosts. When adding a host to the list, you must use the keyword Host at the beginning of the string (for example, Host_1, Host_2, Host_Windows, Host_Linux). All of the configuration items inside the Host configuration group must not be changed. The following configuration items must be used:

  • Hostname (required) - You can use the asterisk (*) as the hostname value to denote hosts that share common logon credentials within the domain. (See also Credentials Store module workflows.)
  • Username (required) - Enter the user name using the Static Value type in the Item Details pane.
  • Password (required) - You can encrypt the password by selecting the Secure type.

  • Invocation_Mechanism (required) - The invocation mechanism determines the adapter to be used. The workflow extracts the adapter based on its value from the Adapter_Invocation_Mechanism_Mappings module configuration group. Valid values: ssh, Telnet, sql, windows-command, and command-line
  • Timeout (optional) - The Timeout entry is an optional configuration item. It applies to the SSH, Telnet, and windows-command adapters. The default value is 60 seconds. You can modify the timeout value to better accommodate your environment. For example, if your network response time is slow, you can increase the default value so that the connection does not time out.
  • IP_Address - The IP address of the host machine
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