Physical Device utilities

The Operations Actions for Physical Device utilities are pre–developed workflows that represent common commands for managing hardware components. These utilities are designed to be used as a part of a larger workflow.

Each utility in this module has a pre–defined set of inputs and outputs, some of which are required. The input connection details is required for each utility. Unlike other Inputs whose values are string, numeric, date or XML values, the connection details input uses a common object.

A common object is an XML document containing specific elements used to assign multiple values to a single variable. Each value is associated with an element of the common object. The connection details input uses the ConnectionDetails common object.

The common object XML can be created using an Assign activity. A separate Assign statement is created for each element of the ConnectionDetails common object to be defined, each mapped to the same variable.

The following sections provide information on each Operations Actions for Application utility, including the expected input and output parameters. A workflow timeout can be set as needed for the environment in which the workflow will run.


Some of these workflows are only available for use in a subset of operating systems. These workflows will be noted. Unless otherwise noted, the workflow will work in a Red Hat Linux, Sun Solaris or Microsoft Windows environment.

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