Monitor adapter event deduplication

BMC Atrium Orchestrator provides fault tolerance by enabling an adapter on multiple peers in a grid. When multiple monitor adapters are deployed in a grid to monitor the same source, the event could possibly be captured by one or more instances of the monitor adapter. Event deduplication is achieved by caching a record of each event received for two minutes. This record is then used to detect and reject subsequent duplicate events.


Deduplication requires all monitor adapter instances of a given type to have the same name.

You can change the event caching interval by setting the value in the tuning-config.xml file as follows:


By setting the Logging Level to DEBUG for Adapter Framework you can see the following log entries in grid.log:

  • When an event is discarded: AdapterManager : Discarding duplicate event
  • When an event is processed: AdapterManager : ADAPTER_MANAGER: Submitted event to local Activity Processor.

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