JMS actor adapter

The JMS actor adapter uses the JNDI properties specified in the request to call ConnectionFactory and obtain a connection to the JMS provider. When a destination lookup name (queue or topic) and a message are passed, the JMS actor adapter sends the message to the specified computer. This adapter does not support multiple configuration nodes, but you can configure multiple JMS actor adapters within Grid Manager, each with a unique configuration node and adapter name.

The <request-response-wait-timeout> element in a request specifies whether a response is synchronous or asynchronous:

  • In a synchronous request-and-response pattern, the adapter waits for a response if you specify a value in the <request-response-wait-timeout> element in the adapter request.
  • In an asynchronous request-and-response pattern, the adapter does not wait for a response after sending a request. It closes the communication channel after sending the request.

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