This space contains information about the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content version 20.14.02, which is part of the BMC Atrium brand of products and the following suites:

  • BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite
  • BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite
  • BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite
  • BMC Application Management Suite

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What's new

Announcement, January 8, 2015

BMC Software announces the release of BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content 20.14.02

For a summary of all announcements, see Release notes and notices.

For a description of all corrected and open issues in this release, see Known and corrected issues.

Version 20.14.02 of the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content product features the following enhancements:

For complete information about what's new or changed, see 20.14.02 enhancements.

Where to start

In the following table, click the link related to your task to learn more about how to proceed with this product:

To understand more about a high-level overview of the BMC Atrium Orchestrator productGetting started
To install application adapters, base adapters, modules, and run booksInstalling
To use an application adapterApplication adapters
To use a base adapterBase adapters
To use operations actions management modulesOperations Actions Management modules
To use run booksRun books
To configure an adapter (for example, Amazon EC2)Configuring the Amazon EC2 adapter
To troubleshoot an issueTroubleshooting

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